Manufacturing automation reduces risk

At Malisko Engineering, we’ve been helping clients reduce their production risk for 20 years, and we can help you do the same. We’ve put together an efficient, multi-disciplined team of manufacturing automation experts. And we’ve completed hundreds of projects for clients in a broad range of industries, including highly regulated ones. We have tried and true processes for managing production risk, project risk, regulatory risk and security risk. Our comprehensive understanding of risks can help you protect your production and save you time, money and worry.

How manufacturing automation reduces risk

Manufacturing automation allows us to reduce your risk through improved batch consistency, effective system alarming and actionable process information. We reduce your risk of producing off-spec batches by improving the consistency of your production process. By automating a given function in your system, we ensure that your machinery executes the same steps every time. With a consistent process, you get consistent results. And that means fewer unusable batches and lower risk for you. Our automated systems also provide your operators with useful alarms that help them keep your system running properly. We use top-quality programming to eliminate unnecessary alarms, alert your operators to any process deviations and provide your operators with steps to take in such an event.

These alarms combine with digital documentation to keep your team fully aware of your production realities. In-process documentation informs your team if there’s ever a process deviation or downtime. These digital reports let you know if, and most importantly, why your manufacturing process deviates from standard production. And over the long term, our automated systems record production data, allowing you to see your historical production trends and make any suggested adjustments over time. With our automated solutions, you will be in control of your production like never before.

Reducing regulatory risk

We don’t stop with production reports, we also provide all the documentation you need to meet all regulatory requirements and validate your system. We’re dedicated to providing you the absolute best quality assurance possible. Through our validation services, we prove that your process is consistent. And we put together all the paperwork to prove that your procedures and processes maintain compliance throughout production and testing. From the Validation Master Plan (VMP) and all supporting documentation to project execution, we have you covered. We design and implement your system to be regulation-proof.

System security

For many owners, nothing is more scary than a security breach. You can only be confident that your system is producing properly if you know it’s secure. When no one else can tamper with your system, you control the results. And that means you can get the most out of your investment in automation. That’s why we aggressively protect your production with a multi-layered security system.

We use the principles of Defense In-Depth — security and redundancy at every layer — to secure every level of your production process. Your security starts with the people who have access to your system and the way they interact with it. That’s why we collaborate with you, your IT staff and your production team to create procedures and policies that work — not only to produce efficiently, but also to secure your system. And we train your team to properly carry out their functions. Your team will be fully aware of security procedures and fully knowledgeable in how to protect your system. As a second layer of defense, we use both electronic and physical barriers to secure your network. We put your production on an entirely separate network from your enterprise network, and we use an intricate combination of security barriers to limit access to it. As an additional layer of defense, we secure each computer, application and device in your system. From individual components to your network to who can access your system and how, your system is secure.

Experts in manufacturing automation and risk reduction

At Malisko, we’re experts in reducing risk through manufacturing automation. With more than 20 years of experience in solving production problems, we have the knowledge, key partnerships and the team to protect your system. We’re a family business. And we specialize in helping our clients. We know your investment in automation is vital to your business success. And we do everything humanly possible to protect your investment.