Our industrial automation expertise

From plant floor controls and process integration to the enterprise level, we’ve integrated hundreds of automation systems that track production data, provide actionable insights and maximize efficiency.

Our extensive experience

Our team has integrated nearly every type of industrial automation system. Click the links nelow to see how we can help you.



We are results driven

We deliver efficient, consistent production for manufacturing plants. And we’ve completed hundreds of projects in a wide range of industries. No matter what you make, we’ll improve the way you make it. Better quality. More efficiency. Lower costs. Lower risk. And we justify every hour of our work with measurable ROI. When you work with us, you don’t just get automation technology. You get results.

Results we deliver

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Industrial automation services

Your plant is different than anyone else’s. So are your challenges and goals. That’s why we only specify the right solutions for you. Whether you’ve already invested in some automation, had an OEE review, or are starting from the beginning — we come in where you need us. We take the time to understand your production. Then, we attack your challenges, design and implement your system and get your plant up to full production.

Our Services

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Take a look at some of our work.


Thin client manager conversion in a validated environment

When a global producer of infant and children’s nutritional products came to us with an inefficient, under-producing system, we streamlined their production, lowered their cost per unit and reduced their disaster recovery time from four hours to 10 minutes — all by decoupling hardware from software.

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Virtualization improves consistency and throughput for Calumet

We helped Calumet, a producer of synthetic lubricants, save money and time by implementing and customizing Rockwell PlantPAx virtualization at their facility. We eliminated 200 operator steps in the batch process, improved batch consistency and increased throughput by 4 – 5 percent.

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Food process engineering for new food production facility

We helped Noosa Finest Yoghurt increase production by 300 percent and lower costs by 30 percent by designing and implementing a manufacturing automation system at their new facility. Through automation, we made their production more efficient and consistent, made troubleshooting easier and provided complete production data.

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Brewery automation: helping Oskar Blues Brewery manage growth

Oskar Blues Brewery had gained popularity beyond their hometown in Longmont, CO. They saw high demand but had limited production capacity. Through process automation, we helped them smartly manage their growth and increase production by 1.5 brews per day.

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